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What I Love

1) When the sleeves of a man’s undershirt are visible under a short-sleeved dress shirt.  The fashion-forward may disagree, but this delights me.  Maybe it’s because it conveys, “There’s something in my appearance or grooming that I care about – that’s why I’m wearing the t-shirt – but I’m not obsessed.”  (Also, note the specificity of this love.  I agree that the visible white tee is a no-no under a long-sleeved shirt.)

2) When people say “ba dum bum” after their own jokes.  Usually this is just silly, charming, endearing – or all three.

3) Mints in restaurants.  See this for explanation.

4) Lawn ornamentation, especially fauna. I love to see fake animals in people’s yards.  Everything from realistic-looking deer in frozen frolic to pink flamingos stuck near the mailbox: all wonderful.

5) Bright lights, big city.  Branson, Vegas, Niagara Falls – most places with a Ripley’s Believe It or Not qualify.  I like less tacky cities too, but those glitzy tourist traps draw me.  Related to this – stadium lights.  I’m not the biggest sports fan (or really a sports fan), but I love the lights.

6) Water.  Drinking, swimming, bathing.  I love everything to do with water, except tsunamis, for which I hold an irrational fear.  Still, I could be a fish.

7) Funny signs.  Included in this category are billboards, license plates, graffiti, posters, neon signs … anything with some kind of message that’s hilarious.  (Note: sometimes this includes spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes, but not as a rule.  They can make me really angry.)  I took this photo of lawn politicking driving through the country after the wedding of two dear friends.

8)  Playing Clue.  This has been my favorite board game since I was a child.  Second is probably Monopoly.  I also love any and all card games.

9) Apply jelly.  This is the best jelly.  I don’t get the obsession with strawberry and grape.  There’s just no question.

10) Button-down dresses.  My favorite kind of casual dress.  I bought my first one in college and always seemed to have a good time when I was wearing it.  When I later gained weight and slowly got rid my old clothes, it was the item that stayed in my closet the longest.  It eventually went, too, and my wardrobe has gone through a couple of cycles since then, but I love my memories in that dress.

Photo: Somewhere in Virginia, October 2010

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