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A Week of Walking

#1 A Very Long Walk
A “perfect 10” day according to the local weatherers, in which I scared a complete stranger by advancing toward her while exclaiming the name of my friend whom she looks very much alike; was charmed by a father and daughter riding by on a bicycle built for two; borrowed a book from a library; walked across one bridge for the second time; ate salted caramel frozen yogurt; was burned by the sun; read a favorite book (not from the library) on a bench; and learned, while trying to avoid a path past barking dogs that appear alarmingly close to overcoming their fence, that roads are like doors: there’s always more than one of them to take.  Total distance: 13 miles

#2 A Long Walk
An overcast day with storm clouds, which I ignored, to trek to frozen yogurt (faithful readers will note that most of my pursuits of late have involved frozen yogurt); be forced upon a nature path through the woods halfway there that I happily avoided on the return; verify that I can walk to the home of close friends, now close by; and get just a little bit rained upon.  Total distance: 7 miles

#3 A Walk
A sunny and warm day, which was perfect for eating dolce de leche custard (not frozen yogurt), buying goat cheese for salads and gjetost for crackers, and being unable to resist bacon-covered chocolate.  At this point, I was pretty worn out from all that walking, so … Total distance: 4.5 miles

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