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10 Things I Love and 1 Thing I Hate in My Home

The Green Paint.  My kitchen is painted a limeade green many would consider hideous.  My real estate agent assured me, before even seeing my reaction, that I could “paint the kitchen right away.”  But I love it.  My grandmother’s favorite color was green.

The Mirrors.  The closet doors in every room are mirrors.  This means I can gaze at myself pretty much every where I turn.

The Coffee Tables.  Like most of my furniture, these are hand-me-downs from my parents.  They are plain brown wood with heart windows carved into the side.  Adjustable flaps open to make the table bigger.  Bite marks along the bottom are probably from our old dogs (or possibly my sister).

The Stove.  It’s gas and looks like black chrome (maybe it is black chrome?) and it’s beautiful.

The Barista Table. This is what I have in my dining room instead of a dining room table.  My father has expressed much derision for its “uncomfortable stools” and being “too small” and “not a real dining room table,” but it’s cute and fantastic and much better than a real dining room table.

The Skylights. Though I’m afraid they will leak and have a mild anxiety attack every time it rains, the skylights make me feel like I’m in the bright outdoors without actually having to venture out there.

The Couches.  These are hideous.  A faded blue plaid pattern, they must have been purchased when my mother was going through a country chic phase that, thankfully, is over.  I wouldn’t even sit on them until I bought slipcovers.

The Two Sinks.  My bathroom has two sinks.  For me, it’s superfluous, but awesome.  Yes, I use them both.

The Rolltop Desk.  For a while I contemplated not even getting a desk, but I’m glad I took this, even though it weighs a ton and, months later, I still feel sorry for the guys who schlepped it around for me.

The Ceiling Fans.  Who doesn’t love ceiling fans?  I have three.

The Deck.  When I do want to venture into the bright outdoors, I can go out on my deck and sit in one of my chairs or even my outdoor barcalounger.  Or I can open the screen and let the breeze in and sit under the skylights and pretend to be outside while the bugs actually stay outside.  Either way, it’s great.

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  1. Gina #

    I love your lime paint too!

    August 25, 2012

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