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The Best Beach

Most of the North Carolina beach towns are crowded.  (I actually like beach towns, though, in the same way that I like the bright lights, big city tackiness of Vegas and Branson and Niagra Falls.  I enjoy the idea that most of the people walking around don’t live there, and in a beach town, the not belonging is accompanied by sand and bathing suits and ice cream and fruity drinks.)

The other problem with the NC beaches is the shells.  Stretches of sand are covered in shards, and I’m afraid my feet will split open as I hop to the water on my toes.

When a friend recommended a beach with beautiful sand and few people, I was eager to go.

I was hesitant to identify this beach because I don’t want anyone else to go there, ever.  But when it occurred to me that approximately half of this blog’s readers were on the trip with me, I decided it would be safe to reveal:  Hammocks Beach, on Bear Island.Image

It’s so remote that you have to take a passenger ferry (or private boat) to get there.  Then, there’s a short walk to the other side of the island through semi-wilderness, but the road was paved, so I wasn’t alarmed.

The beach was as promised: beautiful and uncrowded.  The sand was soft and white and free of shell shards.

My mother, sister, and I lay on my mother’s Vera Bradley Picnic Blanket in Doodle Daisy (R).  I read, swam, napped, and applied sunscreen several times.  At one point, I looked over to see my sister and a bird staring curiously at one another.

ImageEnough people were around that the only rule I have for ocean swimming (make sure at least one idiot is out farther than you) was not broken.

The last ferry back to the mainland leaves at 6.  I guess you have to swim back if you’re not on it.  Apparently the island allows camping, which I am eager to do, much to the surprise of my mother and sister.  (I’ve never said that I hate camping, just that I hate bugs.)

I will return.

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