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D.C.-area Froyo: A Roundup

Crave in Alexandria has the best selection of toppings of any froyo place I’ve been to.  Some of them are mounted on the wall.  You could stick your head under the tube, turn the handle, and drip chocolate raisins or M&M’s directly into your mouth.  I never did that.

I feel like Frozenyo is the Walmart of froyo.  It seems kind of low-rent compared to some of the other places with vibrant colors and yippy cartoon mascots.  I will still never say no to going, though. I’ve been to Silver Spring’s and Metro Center’s.

I’m against non-self-serve froyo.  I make a slight exception for Pinkberry, though.  At the National Harbor, even though I resented handing control of my yogurt experience over to the yogurt baristas, the salted caramel was sooooo good, and they did have a serviceable selection of toppings.  Still, cost is based on size and toppings and not by weight, which is a huge black mark in my book.

Sweetgreen in College Park turned out to be Chipotle, with salads.  I had wanted to go because I was hearing scuttlebutt about their froyo.  Total letdown.  The only time I was ever there, I think they had one flavor and maybe three toppings and it was not DIY.  They need to step it up.

YogiBerry has a pretty standard number of flavors and toppings, I always enjoy going in, and the floor appears to be made of pebbles.  The one in Shirlington is close to my heart.

The YogiCastle in Hyattsville was short on variety in both the flavors and toppings.  It didn’t stand out in any way, but it was there when I needed it.

My experience at the Tasti D-lite in Columbia Heights was very confusing.  First, there is too much annoying stuff going on with the name.  Second, it doesn’t seem to know if it’s a self-serve, a serve-up, or a smoothie place; the T D-l people are as uncertain about their identity as they are about spelling and punctuation.  I remember the feeling that whatever I ended up getting was meh.

The YoLove at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town has the most fast-food feel of all.  Everything is plain and utilitarian, there’s a get-in-get-out vibe, and the selection isn’t great.  It’s slightly depressing going there, but, oddly, this is the only place where I’ve seen people sitting at the few tables and working on laptops.

My new favorite is SweetFrog, mostly because it is the most walkable from where I live.  Also, the little frogs are toad-ally cute.  Plus, their froyo is 46 cents an ounce, compared to the typical 49 cents an ounce: savings in every bite!

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