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10 Favorite Things from 2012

Just like Oprah!

10.  Hot Hands – A co-worker with season tickets to Redskins games told me about these, then I happened upon some at Target, and now I almost look forward to being outside in the cold just so I can use them.

9.  Trader Joe’s Vacuum Fried Pineapple Chips – I bought these by mistake, thinking they were pineapple chunks, and they are so weirdly delicious it blows me away.

8.  New Girl / Downton Abbey (tie) – New Girl is sweet and funny and, despite its general wacky dorkiness, has some really poignant, spot-on moments.  Plus, it has Nick, whom I adore.  Downton Abbey is one of those shows that completely drew me in and left me feeling bereft when I ran out of episodes.  I watched the whole second season in one day.

7.  Crockpot – A friend gave this to me as a housewarming gift and I so appreciate that it allows me to feel like I’m cooking while not really cooking.

6.  Hell or High Watermelon Beer – Thank you to the friends who introduced this into my life!  I’m not sure what I think it tastes like (not watermelon) but it is GREAT.

5.  The Corner – I’ve been obsessed with all things David Simon lately and could not put this down.  It had me re-thinking everything I thought I knew or felt about drugs and the lives ruined by them.

4.  Vera Bradley blankets – I have several of these in a variety of patterns.  Not only are they warm, but also they are beautiful.  Sometimes I just sit on my couch and gaze at them folded up.  Really.

3.  The Nationals – Baseball games were so fun this season!  I can’t wait for April.

2.  “Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy – When I first heard this song I thought, Perfect.

1.  Silver Linings Playbook – I love most romantic movies, but the really good ones all have some version of the epic internal struggle that ends with someone confessing love to another. Bradley Cooper’s character is an angry nutcase who violently beats someone else, but who cares?  There were sweet misunderstandings, tender reconciliations, and dancing.

Bonus: “Snow is Gone” by Josh Ritter –  For some reason, this reminds me of my father.  Plus, there’s this line: “I’d rather be the one who loves than to be loved and never even know.”

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  1. Gina #

    Downtown Abbey is great! I just rewatched some with Jonathan. We’re waiting for season 2 to hit Netflix! Also, Langston has loved those pineapple chips from Trader Joe’s. 🙂 p.s. I want to see Silver Linings Playbook! Have not seen a movie in the theater since May!!!

    January 3, 2013
    • jenheart #

      I am so excited that Downton Abbey is starting again Sunday! I hope they post it on the internet. Also, super excited for Arrested Development on Netflix!! I saw a preview for another Netflix exclusive show that looks good, too, but can’t remember what it was…

      Also, that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask about Party On ice cream. I’ve been hearing so much about it. 🙂

      January 5, 2013

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