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What I’ve Been Loving: Mostly Food Edition

Taking a break from complaining, I have decided that this edition of What I’ve Been _____ing will be about things I’m appreciating.  The majority (three of five) on this list are edible items, which is likely to surprise no one.

1.  Everything from Trader Joe’s.  Recently, a friend visited and brought along cheese and pita crackers, red seedless grapes, wine, dark chocolate caramels, peanut butter cups, sweet and salty trail mix, and olive tapenade.  I ate and ate.  And ate.  And ate and ate and ate.  And drank wine.  And ate.  I had already been feeding an obsession with the store’s hummus, sweet potato tortilla chips, and s’mores.  After finishing off the tapenade in a day, I went to get more of that only, and somehow my basket contained just about everything listed above.  Since I can walk from home to Trader Joe’s, or drive over during lunch at work, it’s been very easy to accommodate this addiction.

2.  Mail from friends.  I love getting mail, which I’ve mentioned before.  (Recently a pretty little card arrived from Philly and made my day!)  Often, I sit these correspondences on my book shelf for a time, so they also serve for the condo decorating, which I continue to be too lazy to do.

3.  Grove Square Cappuccino K-Cups.  I believe I discovered these when I added a sample pack to my order to get free shipping.  Now, I’m in love.  They are so sweet that I’ve been afraid to look at the ingredients, which could scare me into not drinking them.  Ignorance is bliss: I’m having some hazelnut as I type this.

4.  Katniss BraidThis has become one of my favorite ways to wear my hair in the heat.  It’s deceptively easy and people always compliment me on it.  Anything that requires little effort and skill and gets me praised is always going to be on my favorites lists.  Plus, I also really like The Hunger Games and JLaw.

5.  Prepackaged salads.  A few months ago, I discovered that a number of grocery stores sell salads, already put together for you, with calories counted, and fork included.   I was almost overcome with happiness in the produce aisle.  Safeway has the best (whichever one has the corn in it is my favorite), followed by Target, and then Giant.  Luckily, I can make it to any of these three stores during lunch time, which means if I grab a yogurt, I have my next day’s breakfast and lunch ready to go before I’ve even left work.  If that’s not the good life, I don’t know what is.

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  1. Janet #

    You might get more mail if people knew your address (hint, hint)!

    July 9, 2013
    • jenheart #

      Janet, I will get on that STAT!!!

      July 9, 2013

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