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Sense and Sensibility – Joanna Trollope (Reading Challenge #1)


I actually stared this in 2013, but I finished it in 2014 – so I’m cheating, but only a little.

This modern version of S&S had gotten good reviews: I was looking forward to reading, even though I’m typically not into the sequels, rewrites, spin-offs, or other Austen-inspired fiction.

I really enjoyed overall.  The writing is accessible and breezy and I mostly thought the modern updating was successful.  Some things were odd: at times it felt like the setting was perhaps 20th c. versus 19th; then, a reference to an iPod was thrown in, which ensured the reader knew we were in the 2010s but was a bit jarring.  Some things I didn’t agree with: Edward sorta knows Elinor will take him back, doesn’t he?  Isn’t that one of Austen’s jokes from the original?  And others were kind of odd: why are the characters addressing each other with endearing nicknames after only having been acquainted a week?

But these are really minor complaints.  Mainly, Trollope does a great job with the modernizing the characters and plot.  That Marianne has asthma makes perfect sense.  I liked that Margaret has more of a role, though she’s often a sullen teenager.  The 2013 Robert Ferrars and Lucy Steele are a special treat.  And I also chuckled at Trollope’s witty descriptions of hovering and indulgent helicopter parents and their spoiled children.

Looking forward to reading more as The Austen Project continues!

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