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Music of the Heart – Katie Ashley (Reading Challenge #2)

2.5 / 5

Bad boy rocker Jake Slater and innocent songstress Abby Renard meet, fall in love (?), etc.

I sort of knew what I was getting into, so the implausibility of Jake and Abby’s meet-cute, the subsequent bet that keeps them living in the same tour bus for a week, the congenial friendships flowing between Abby and the band, Jake’s reformation and follow-on screw-ups — well, whenever a thought popped into my mind to question any of that, I repressed it.  I was going to be breezily entertained.

And I was.  I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the actors because I felt like they were accurately portraying what these stock characters would sound like.  For instance, the female reader squeals Abby’s “Really?!” an octave above her normal voice in exactly the way I imagine a girl like Abby would.  The male reader for Jake was similarly convincing, though Abby filtered through Jake’s voice sounded like a southern grandmother or a drag queen (not sure which).

This is the kind of story where the girls are Innocent; the guys are selfish horn-dog man-children until Reformed by Love; and the old people are Honorable.  I was unconvinced that Jake and Abby had anything resembling love (or Love), but there were sexy times, so whatevs.

Jake was dishraggy.  He wasn’t that much of a bad boy to begin with (Why is he crying all the time?  Everyone knows those rock band guys don’t have feelings) and his reformation is mostly boring.  But there were some sweet moments, so as something to have on in the background while you organize your bookshelves or dust off your stuffed animals, it wasn’t half bad.

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