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Au Revoir, for now, VanillaBean!

This blog, including The Six Cents Blog that proceeded it, is the longest on-going personal creative project I’ve managed to sustain — I’m pretty sure of it.  I complete a lot that I begin (examples: reading books, crocheting afghans, eating chocolate muffins) but much of what I start has an end date, a finish line to cross.  I totally crushed watching Lost because there were a finite number of episodes.

I didn’t want this to be yet another pursuit I’d abandoned.  (Over the years, The Stinker and I have left a few high-minded reading blogs to the internets, in part because we can never remember our passwords and are too lazy and confused to recover them.)  But I was kind of itching for a change from VanillaBeanDorcas; it was drawn from a bottle of lotion on my desk + the strangest name I could think of, which I had always thought was neat, because about 8 zillion people on the internet are called Vanilla Bean and I needed something tacked on.

I was envisioning a nom de plume a little closer to my own name, but not an exact match, mostly because of vague, probably unjustified, yet still anxiety-producing notions of being axe-murdered in my sleep.  

Luckily, my full given name actually lends itself to tons of different puns and plays on words.  So, I quite easily changed the blog name, created a new email, and then went to Twitter.

And Twitter rejected it.  And rejected another version of it.  And rejected, rejected, rejected.

I typed in dozens of permutations, then added numbers, then words like “reads” and “knits” and “is_enraged.”


After spending an embarrassing number of hours trying to figure this out, I discovered an online discussion that indicated the problem was with the browser I was using.

New browser: new name accepted in 3 seconds.

By that time, I had happened upon “vinyl,” suggested for its resemblance to “vanilla,” which I was trying to preserve.  But when it finally worked I was so happy to have a new identify I thought SCREW IT, I AM JENNY VINYL NOW.  If Twitter had accepted @Loves_Poo, LP would probably be the one posting this.

Jenny V has already grown on me, though.  My friend says it “sounds very rock and roll.”  Which is much more in line with the cool, impossibly hip, completely un-dorky vibe I naturally exude at all times.

I have to admit I already miss VanillaBDorcas a little.  For one thing, one of my favorite posts, on the recent road trip I took with my mother, got all messed up and I had to re-do a bunch of code to keep the photos she added visible and that took maybe 7 minutes of my time and was a total drag.

Jenny Vinyl carries on, though!

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  1. Just think, you could’ve spent those seven minutes eating a chocolate muffin!

    March 20, 2014
    • Jenny Vinyl #

      I know, right! Or eating 14 of them, since I inhale a chocolate muffin in about 30 seconds.

      March 20, 2014

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