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Perfect Pitch – Mindy Klasky (Reading Challenge #5)

Rating: “it was ok”

I was pretty excited to read a baseball romance, but this book was a bit bizarro.

For example, the after-school program the heroine is trying desperately to fund is called Musicall. Every time I came across that word, my thoughts ran something like this: Why is there an extra l on there? How is it pronounced? Musi … call? Music for all? What does it MEAN? Do I think Music4all looks dumber than Musicall? Maybe you say it “music-cullllll”?

Every time. Musicall is mentioned a lot.

Other hangups:

It took me a while to get that the Rockets are supposed to be an MLB team in North Carolina and not a minor league farm team.

I’m pretty sure one scene mentioned the Rockets, the home team, running off the field at the end of the inning, and I started twitching.

The heroine, Sam, has been crowned in a philanthropic beauty pageant called the Summer Fair. She is the Summer Queen, but her reign lasts all year? Like, why?

Also, for the Summer Queen, having dinner in a public restaurant with a famous pitcher and his son is morally loose.

Despite all this weird stuff I couldn’t get past, I’m reading the next book. It’s a May-December romance, which I can’t resist, involving the catcher, because the series is apparently going in fielding position order. I’m there.

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