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What I’ve Been Watching: Fall Edition

It’s October, and though Halloween has always been my favorite “holiday,” I’ve been laying off the scary movies the last couple of years because … they scare me.  That feeling of being unsettled in my own home isn’t as appealing as it once was.  About a year ago, a news story ran about some creep breaking into apartments and standing over people as they sleep, and I still wake up nearly every night and groggily search the doorway for a silhouette.  *shudder*

So, I’m forgoing fright fests for shows with that autumn feel.

Bingers (watch for hours):

  • Sherlock — Sherlock’s popped collars and houndstooth deerstalker are the embodiment of chilly weather.  When I first tried this show a few years ago, I wasn’t in the mood.  But I revisited it and officially have become a Cumberperson (this image didn’t hurt).
  • Outlander — Forget the love story: her clothes!  Arm cuffs!  Chunky cowls!  Patterned wool!
  • Gilmore Girls — Who doesn’t want to live in Stars Hollow in the fall?  And all that hot coffee sounds especially appealing beginning late September.

Utilities (regular and recurring, you can depend on them for entertainment when you need it):

Sleepy Hollow is TOTALLY BANANAS and about the level of frightening I can take these days.  Is it ever a season other than fall in this town?  Leaves are everywhere in the hollow, and the characters seem to be perpetually in light jackets and riding boots.

Chasers (when I want something sweet after):

New Girl and The Mindy Project used to be binge shows, but they’ve moved into more of a dessert role, usually following something like Orange is the New Black.  (Sometimes utilities and chasers create really odd pairings, like when I was watching an episode of Mad Men followed by one of How I Met Your Mother.)  Jessica’s outfits in New Girl remind me that I have a drawer full of tights, so there’s no reason to put my dresses in the back of the closet as we head into winter (aka The Season of No Shaving).

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