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Dispatches from the Winter Classic

The temperature was reported as 43.3 degrees at face-off, though I was prepared with HotHands and a surprisingly warm Winter Classic knit cap and mittens.

This game had much of the usual pomp that I appreciate at sporting events: flyover, fireworks, and flag-themed demonstrations. By now, everyone knows about the hand-wringing over the sun as well as the goal within the last 30 seconds that prompted fans to toss their seat cushions around the stadium.

Here are some points that weren’t covered by the media:

  • Guy in front of us who kept high-fiving my sister and me at every goal. I appreciate the communal nature of spectating, but I am a “no touch” participant.
  • Replica Capitol built inside the baseball stadium. Nice ambience. I feel like not enough attention was paid to this decorative touch.

    Fake Capitol - Photo by Crziebird

    Fake Capitol – Photo by Crziebird

  • Camera tooling around on wires above the rink. My father explains this device is often used in football, but since I don’t care about football I didn’t know. Fascinating and creepy.2015-01-01 15.49.22
  • Fake snow. Strategically placed around the rink. No snow existed anywhere for miles around the D.C. area. Does anyone else find that odd?

    Fake snow - photo by Crziebird

    Fake snow – photo by Crziebird

Final thoughts: It was super-fun to “rock the red” at Nationals Stadium, and also pretty cold. If anyone wants to bring me a spiked hot chocolate, I will definitely drink it.

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  1. Wow, need to attend more sporting events, as this looks like fun! LOL on the high fives.

    January 2, 2015

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