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Weekly Roundup: Chia Pet Edition

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been … running!   Also, sleeping!  Because it turns out you can’t run far or even moderately fast if you’re tired all the time.

Training has pretty much taken over my life, but here are some things I’ve been enjoying in the limited times between long, long runs and massive amounts of sleeping:

  • My sister and I definitely stood in the sun for an hour+ to get the Jayson Werth chia pet.  He’s still in the box, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be my first chia pet ever, and I’m excited about the chest hair growth especially.
  • Beautiful pics of Portland lighthouses by crziebird from our recent trip to New England.  One is hanging in my bedroom!
  • Hummus.  I tend to get obsessed with certain foods and eat them compulsively for weeks until the thought of them makes me want to vom.
  • G.G. Andrew’s awesome formula for choosing what to write next, which I plan to use to determine which of the 437 in-progress projects to finish, dammit.
  • This story about a lost World War II soldier’s wallet, found and returned.
  • The never-disappointing Reductress on meditating vs. screaming.  I know which one I choose every time.
  • I’ve loved Keri Russell aka Felicity since college days when I agonized over whether I was a Ben or Noel girl.  Her current show, The Americans, is like Felicity grew up into a Russian spy with an ice-cold heart, a psychotic devotion to the motherland, and awesome hair.  I’m obsessed.
  • Sweaty Bands!  These are the only athletic headbands that actually stay in place, and I’ve tried a bunch.  Plus, they’re purty.
  • This American Life’s “The Problem We All Live With,” which had me welling up as I listened, my phone turned up to top volume and resting in the cupholder, in the car on the way to work and was a reminder, this time a little painful, of how important school is in a child’s life.
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  1. writerggandrew #

    Love this list, especially the chia pet! Going to look up these headbands…do I have to exercise if I wear them? 🙂 Thanks for the blog shoutout, too.

    August 12, 2015

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