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I ❤️ Reductress

Reductress has been one my favorite things on the web for a while.  A satirical women’s news magazine with categories like “Thoughts” and “Womanspiration,” Reductress has skewered everything from rape culture to the “please unfriend me” social media trend.  I have to stop myself from “liking” every one of their Facebook posts, like an obsessed psycho.

Some of the best and most incisive send-ups are those that poke fun at the “crazy” stuff women do while actually satirizing the way that women are forced to navigate their personal and professional lives around men and their habits and desires.  See “Power-Hungry Woman Asks to Turn Down AC,” which comments on freezing office spaces, women’s perceived bitchiness for stating simple requests, mansplaining, and more.

Here are 10 more of my favorites:

7 Beach Reads That Just Happen To Be the Books Jack Liked on Facebook

Cool Ways to Sit Here and Die After Accidentally Liking His Pic From 79 Weeks Ago

How to Get the Guy at the Bar to Notice You When You’re at Home Reading
**Note: I would no kidding like someone to write this for real.**

6 Feminist Memoirs to Leave Lying Around so Your Boyfriend Might At Least Read the Jacket

‘I Only Hang with Dudes Because There’s Less Drama’ Officially Recognized By the American Psychiatric Association

Tall Woman in Car Full of Short Men Forced to Sit in Middle Seat

10 Texts You Didn’t Want Responses From Anyway LOL

Sidebar: Non-Reductress text-related tweet that is also hilarious:

Group of Women Somehow Manage to Enter Port-o-Potty Together

10 New Beauty Products to Throw at the Spider in the Corner of the Room

The Men I Should Date According To My Mom Who Says I Should Date Every Man

Bonus: My lovely pal G.G. Andrew knocked it out of the park with “5 Dysfunctional Relationships You’ll Miss in Your 30s.”

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  1. G.G. Andrew #

    That “pic from 79 weeks ago” is one of my faves, too. Thanks for the shout out!

    August 2, 2016

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