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Year of Revisiting #16 – Robin Hood

While he taxes us to pieces

And he robs of us our bread

King Richard’s crown keeps slippin’ down

Around that pointed head

Ah!  But while there is a merry man

In Robin’s wily pack

We’ll find a way to make him pay

And steal our money back


The last thing that I loved at some point in my life, hadn’t encountered in a while, and decided to “revisit” this year is the cartoon Robin Hood, which I hadn’t seen probably since childhood.  I must have watched it a hundred times as a kid, my grandfather always close by, sometimes singing along and laughing.  He and one of his close childhood friends had acted in a school play of the Robin Hood tale, so I think he has a special regard for the story.  And, of course, now so do I.  With the oddball mix of American Southern and British actors voicing the anthropomorphized animal characters, Robin Hood was just as fun and sweet and charming as I remember it being 20 years ago.


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