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The Left Side: Scenes from San Francisco to Portland

2017-07-25 22.05.45 copyWalking in San Francisco, my friend* was accosted by a gentleman who wanted to be her teddy bear. Talking up his teddy bear credentials, he walked in line with us for at least a block or two. She told him that her teddy bear at home wouldn’t like it much.

He then asked for money, “not from your wallets, but from your hearts.”

2017-07-26 13.11.14 copy.jpg

San Francisco, seen from Coit Tower

At the Dry Creek General Store in Healdsburg, California, I unknowingly paid eight dollars for two chocolate caramels about as big as my pinkie. Then, I discovered the cost and shoved them into my mouth.

In the Sea Glass Museum in Fort Bragg, we encountered this sign before entering:2017-07-27 19.04.10 copy

The proprietor glared at us the entire visit.

2017-07-30 17.46.58-1 copy

Ferndale, California

The California Lost Coast is beautiful, but the roads! I was white knuckling it the whole time and I wasn’t even driving. I wish I had been able to take a picture because nothing I could write would do justice to the crumbling edges, massive potholes (when it was paved), and hairpin turns. My notes from the drive include the following: “Road from Hell. Caving in! Almost died!!!”2017-07-30 20.55.45 copy

In fact, we did witness someone almost going over the edge. She course corrected at the last second and her wheels, which had left the pavement, returned to somewhat more solid ground. Everyone in the car appeared to be screaming.


2017-07-26 16.42.03 copy

House of Happy Walls, Glen Ellen, California

Roll on the Mattole:

2017-07-29 17.24.20 copy.jpg


2017-07-29 17.35.17 copy

Jockey.  We love him.

2017-07-29 17.44.07 copy

2017-07-29 18.21.55 copy.jpg


2017-08-01 21.35.18 copyIn walkable Portland, we were able to take a break from the car and recover from the shell shock of diving through unfamiliar territory on killer roads.

We went to Powell’s Books ~twice~.

2017-08-02 18.24.00 copy.jpgIn Oregon, we had this conversation in the hotel room:

Friend: I need some floss. [rummaging around her bags]
Me: I have some if you need some.
Friend: I keep some in my purse to strangle people.
Me: […]
Me: Won’t it break?
Friend: No, that stuff is strong as shit! Just wrap it around their neck! [gestures wrapping the floss around an imaginary person’s neck] And it’s mint flavored so at least they smell good!2017-07-30 18.24.47 copy.jpg

*who, in addition to being a fun fellow traveler and not a dumbass (😉), took some of the photos posted here

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