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About Me

What am I about?

Enjoy: eating; arts; baseball; rules, order, and organization; myriad musical genres; mathematics; diagramming sentences; roller derby; coffee and tea; cleanliness; paper; peanut butter and caramel; Wii-ing; wine

Used to, but no longer: teach; fashion candles out of wax slabs; sing in the shower

Spend time: reading; knitting and crocheting; walking and walk-jogging and occasionally walk-jog-running; sitting on couch; watching tv on computer (on couch); writing; laughing; exploring the city


Here I am with a fake bear.

Avoid: driving; politics; dirt; most sports (exceptions cited above); science (blech); cooking; physical discomfort of any sort

Favorites: Jane Austen; Shakespeare; good love stories; chocolate; soft blankets; flavored lip gloss and mascara; sleeping in; hand-written letters

Not afraid of: dogs; the word feminist

Wistful wishes: speak another language; Zach Galifianakis (&/or Bradley Cooper) on my doorstep; buy a single house in Charleston

Want to: drive cross-country; learn to sew correctly, dammit; eat a gallon of ice cream and gain no weight



What even is on this site?

Scribbles: Pithy writings, random lists, grumblings, stories, and other musings.

Diversions: I love to be entertained.  Reactions to and reviews of books, movies, music, and more.

First-Sentence Diagrams:  Diagrams of the first sentences of many of the books I read.

Chalkboard Stories: True stories from my teaching days and experiences of other educators.  Picture The Office in a school.

Family Tales: Scenes involving my family or yarns they tell me.

Guides: Roundups, how-tos, travel plans, and other directions

card catalog

Card Catalog, Library of Congress

Note on writing process:  Many posts are works-in-progress, thoughts I’m forming, parts of larger wholes.  Revision is great!  I love drafts!  They map how I get from jumbled mess to polished coherence (I hope).  I consider so much on here not quite finished …