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Where to See (and Not See) D.C.’s July 4th Fireworks: A (Short) Roundup

I’ve seen the capital’s Fourth of July fireworks many times, from various locations and vantages. You don’t need to be anywhere near the Capitol Building to see them. If you’re like me, you don’t want to be near the Capitol, with its throngs. I don’t recall security checkpoints the last time I watched from the Mall, but they were set up this year to access the good spots near the monuments, which was an added reason not to go there.

I am on a quest to find the best view with the least number of people. I’m willing to sacrifice on the first to maximize on the second. I would probably watch the fireworks through a brick wall if the area was nearly deserted. A few non-Mall locations:

Air Force Memorial, Arlington

Air Force Memorial - July 4, 2011

Air Force Memorial – July 4, 2011

I can’t recall if we drove, Metroed, or jet-packed to the memorial.

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Dear Abby

Fascinated by what strangers tell other strangers to do about their problems, I have read advice columns for years.  Some Abbys regularly respond with a version of “seek counseling,” which is annoying, unhelpful, and uninteresting, but others actually provide a meaningful response.  Three I’ve been reading regularly lately:

Miss Manners is hilarious.  For instance, here she drolly remarks on the common practice of commenting on a woman’s shape vis-a-vis pregnancy:

It is exceedingly rude for anyone to guess from a lady’s size that she is pregnant. Should your wife go into labor in front of Miss Manners, she would merely say, “My dear, whatever is the matter? Can I help you?” (Eventually, of course, she would have to say, “Oh, look who’s here.”)

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D.C.-area Froyo: A Roundup

Crave in Alexandria has the best selection of toppings of any froyo place I’ve been to.  Some of them are mounted on the wall.  You could stick your head under the tube, turn the handle, and drip chocolate raisins or M&M’s directly into your mouth.  I never did that.

I feel like Frozenyo is the Walmart of froyo.  It seems kind of low-rent compared to some of the other places with vibrant colors and yippy cartoon mascots.  I will still never say no to going, though. I’ve been to Silver Spring’s and Metro Center’s.
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