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Diagramming – The Good Girls Revolt



Diagramming – Strange the Dreamer


Die Hard brief you in full!

I’ve been practicing hand lettering so I can write purty.

Sometimes I practice while I’m listening to something else and randomly write down the words I’m hearing.


Guess the inspiration for this page.

Jar of Coins

Frank Szabo was big and ugly, “a huge monstrosity of a man,” as my grandfather described him.  They first met during World War II.  Frank was a little older than the others in the outfit and seen as serious and mature.  My grandfather soon discovered he was also kind and humble, and Frank’s gentleness and consideration impressed him in one particular incident involving a vulnerable young woman at a party:

After this incident, my grandfather and Frank became good friends.  And then, in early 1943, their outfit was taking a troop train from Cherry Point, North Carolina, to San Diego.  The train was scheduled to pass through New Bern, where Frank’s wife was to be waiting. Read more

Diagramming – Saga, Volume 5

What is “long”?  Who knows?  Not me!