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One reason I enjoy baseball is I’ve long harbored this belief/wish/hope that it would be the first major sport to integrate women into the game.  It’s finally happened, a little bit.  Pitch, the new drama that debuted last week, is about the first woman to play in the major leagues and was made in cooperation with Major League Baseball.  It’s fictional, but I’ll take what I can get. Read more


Weekly Roundup: Chia Pet Edition

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been … running!   Also, sleeping!  Because it turns out you can’t run far or even moderately fast if you’re tired all the time.

Training has pretty much taken over my life, but here are some things I’ve been enjoying in the limited times between long, long runs and massive amounts of sleeping:

  • My sister and I definitely stood in the sun for an hour+ to get the Jayson Werth chia pet.  He’s still in the box, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be my first chia pet ever, and I’m excited about the chest hair growth especially.
  • Beautiful pics of Portland lighthouses by crziebird from our recent trip to New England.  One is hanging in my bedroom!
  • Hummus.  I tend to get obsessed with certain foods and eat them compulsively for weeks until the thought of them makes me want to vom.
  • G.G. Andrew’s awesome formula for choosing what to write next, which I plan to use to determine which of the 437 in-progress projects to finish, dammit.
  • This story about a lost World War II soldier’s wallet, found and returned. Read more

Perfect Pitch – Mindy Klasky (Reading Challenge #5)

Rating: “it was ok”

I was pretty excited to read a baseball romance, but this book was a bit bizarro.

For example, the after-school program the heroine is trying desperately to fund is called Musicall. Every time I came across that word, my thoughts ran something like this: Why is there an extra l on there? How is it pronounced? Musi … call? Music for all? What does it MEAN? Do I think Music4all looks dumber than Musicall? Maybe you say it “music-cullllll”?

Every time. Musicall is mentioned a lot.

Read more

What I’ve Been Listening To: Cute Country Songs Edition

On the radio recently, I heard Ty Herndon’s “It Must Be Love,” which I hadn’t encountered in years, and was reminded how sweet and adorable country music can be.  A quick googling of Herndon turned up all kinds of weird stuff (example: indecent exposure arrests) that I’m just going to ignore because the call-and-response is so irresistible: “Is she there in your dreams?  I don’t know, I can’t sleep!” and “Are you walkin’ on air? Well I’m sure feelin’ tall!”  Why is there no official music video of this cute driving-away-then-turning-back story?  Thank goodness an industrious YouTuber put this together, complete with pulsating hearts and episodic punctuation.  Read more

Guide to Sports Enthusiasm for the Casual Fan

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted, but that’s probably because I’ve been so busy being a huge sports fan.

I’ve always liked pastoral, easy-to-understand, American-like-apple-pie baseball.  I never had much interest in anything else.  Football, for example, manages somehow to be at once both very dull and overly brutal.

However, since my parents started getting season tickets to the Washington Capitals, I’ve been attending hockey games, too — usually as the last-round draft pick, to employ a sports metaphor.  I’m not quite sure why I’m at the bottom of the pecking order when a ticket is available.  On an unrelated note, I don’t fathom why every so often the players stop skating around trying to shoot the puck into the net and instead all gather by one of those dots painted on the ice to stare at each other. Read more