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Motorcycles and Haircuts

“Your hair looks great, by the way, the way the pieces stick out.  Great look.”

That period after a new haircut is usually quite ego-boosting because other women are basically obligated to tell you how great you look.  Oddly, though, this particular compliment was coming from my very masculine neighbor, Motorcycle Mike, who was calling to me in the parking lot.

It was a pretty drastic cut–8 or so inches off, up to my chin, after years of wearing it long–but I was astonished that this person I occasionally chit-chat with even noticed.  Just about every woman I encountered for more than 10 seconds had told me I look wonderful, but only one other man outside of the salon had said anything.  Neither my father nor my grandfather had said one word about it in the multiple times they had seen me.  Once, my grandfather did ask while we were Facetiming, “What’s wrong with your hair?”
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Route 17 Road Trip

Day One

USS North Carolina Battleship, with Wilmington, NC

USS North Carolina Battleship, Wilmington, NC

When we set out from Oriental, North Carolina Friday morning, the first real stop on Route 17 was the USS North Carolina Battleship, across the water from downtown Wilmington.

In the little park outside the battleship, a monument was dedicated to “sailors on eternal patrol.” It was here a goose

Hissing Goose

Hissing Goose (I’m not sure which one hissed)

hissed at me and we were warned not to feed the alligators.


In the small town of Southport, we ate salads and happened upon a vegan bath and body shop. That’s where I got the lemongrass lotion, whipped from shea butter and other organic materials. I’ve been lathering it on my body ever since.

After dark, the Great Hotel Search commenced. Every person along the eastern seaboard was apparently stopping the night in Savannah. I believe we literally got the last room in the city. The pillows were bizarrely small, about half the size of regular pillows, but the bed had twice as many, so you really got the standard number of pillows.

In the room that night, we read what the internet had to offer about the crime in Savannah and were convinced we’d be murdered the minute we left the hotel. Whose stupid idea was it to come here?

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Bad Hair Day

One silver lining of forced cohabitation with a mouse is that, after it was gone, I mellowed.

I used to get spun up about things that do not go as I plan but really do not matter at all.  Examples include 1) forgetting to line up my shoes in the closet, or 2) having to return a movie that I borrowed for free from the library but didn’t get to watch, and yet can easily check out again.  Here’s another: 3) needing to restart my computer at a time when all windows and tabs are arranged exactly as I want them.  I could go on and on.  Really.

But, since the death-by-poisoning of my uninvited houseguest, I had calmed the rage I feel when these things happen by reminding myself, at least it’s not a mouse!
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Several have asked about the No Poo Movement, so here’s some information on what I did.

First, some preliminary tips:
One complaint about No Poo is that it’s really time-intensive.  People create rinses with juices and extracts, buy special brushes and messy powders, go through routines like making sure to complete a certain number of brushstrokes daily, and do weird things to their scalp. Some get discouraged because all of that is more time and work than actually shampooing your hair.
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Spicing Things Up

When I get bored with my routine, this is the kind of stuff I do to spice things up a bit.

For a while, I was obsessed with getting into work ridiculously early.  I don’t think I’m too affected by the winter blues* but who doesn’t love the sun?  To relegate as much darkness as possible to the work day, as the days got shorter and shorter I started waking up earlier and earlier.  The earliest I ever arrived was 5:50 a.m., because I couldn’t bring myself to set my alarm before 5:00 a.m.  In my head, 5:00 is “morning,” while 4:59 and all the time before it remain “middle of the night.”  For several weeks, I was home just after 2:30 p.m. and could go for walks in the daylight, read books without having to switch on any lights, and take showers with the window open.  But soon, I grew perpetually tired, and even the daylight during which I was not sitting in my office was wasted on napping or being showered and in my pajamas by 3:30 p.m., which is pretty sweet as an occasional indulgence, but begins to feel like depression after a while.  I needed to go back to more normal hours, but giving up a workday that ends at 2:30 p.m. was going to be really, really, really hard.  Getting Out of the Office is a major thing for me.  So, I decided to take the baby steps approach.  One day, I set my alarm for 5:05 a.m.  Every couple of days, I added 5 minutes.  These days I’m getting home closer to 3:30 p.m., which is feeling less like middle-of-the-night-pajama-time as the days are getting longer.
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