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Congress, Part II: New Sexism in a New Place!

It’s not that most women don’t experience some type of (low-level, subtle, or even well-meaning) sexism frequently, but if we’re often in the same environments with the same people, we get used to it. Pretty much everything I ever say to the contrary, I like most of the people I see on a regular basis, so when they ask me questions like if my husband (!!) minds that I’m eating out and not cooking for him (!!?*#!!?%!), it’s not too hard to shrug off.

The class I attended was an opportunity to become exposed to a whole new set of patronizing or dismissive comments and behaviors from a bunch of people I didn’t know and didn’t care about, which brought the everyday sexism into pretty sharp relief. Read more

Congress, Part I: The Hill

Despite being a literal D.C. native, I have always been mostly apolitical.  I’ve voted exactly once in 16 years (I know).  Until recently, I’d never been into the White House or the Capitol: they were always just there, I saw them frequently when I went downtown for brunch or museums or plays, and I could go inside whenever but never did.

Thanks to a Capitol Hill workshop I took for work, I attended a congressional hearing in Rayburn, sought out my congressman’s office in Cannon, and lost a pair of earbuds somewhere between Dirksen and the Metro.  (Sorry if you don’t know what any of that means, but I’m a Beltway Insider now.) Read more

Rolling Thunder Run 2016


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Every year, I’m driven a little crazy by those who think of Memorial Day as about cookouts and blowout sales.  Nothing is wrong with being excited by the start of summer, or a three-day weekend, or a nice discount: I certainly appreciate Memorial Day for all those things too.  But I do try to keep in mind, lingering somewhere, the reason why I get to sleep in on a Monday morning.  I indulge a little smugness and annoyance when I hear people talking about going to the mall or drinking beer on the deck, with no awareness of why they are getting to do those things on this day.

The last several years, I’ve attended the Rolling Thunder Run in D.C., which is usually equal parts humid, fun, and weird.  And perhaps what I appreciate most about this touching, extremely loud event is that it is a reminder that the holiday is a memorial: it’s about people who died.


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Read more

End of Summer Roundup

Ah, Summer of 2015, I hardly knew you. Here we are in September and I’ve somehow gone the whole season without one visit to the beach or pool. I’ve definitely over-compensated for the lack of traditional summer activities with my abundant consumption of ice cream. Still, it’s a little depressing to think that the last time I swam was in a nondescript suburban hotel pool on a work trip earlier this year. I had bought the bathing suit that same day in the local Wal-Mart. It’s been in my drawer ever since I got home.

To avoid dwelling on how summer passed me by, I’ve been enjoying other things lately, on the internet and beyond. Read more

Two Days of Television and Vermin in North Carolina

Day 1

I woke up to several droppings and liquidy grossness inches from my face on the pull-out couch. Further investigation showed a few pellets down the side of the mattress and on the floor as well.

Mom: “It’s something, but not sure it’s a mouse.”

I didn’t want to think it was a mouse either, but realistically, what were the alternatives? Cockroaches? Bat? (Maybe I’m now a vampire?) Read more