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Diagramming – The Good Girls Revolt



Diagramming – Why I Am Not a Feminist


Diagramming – You’ll Grow Out of It

Jessi Klein’s You’ll Grow Out of It is near the top on my favorites list of the recent memoir/essay/humor books by female celebrities.


Diagramming – My Life on the Road



End of Summer Roundup

Ah, Summer of 2015, I hardly knew you. Here we are in September and I’ve somehow gone the whole season without one visit to the beach or pool. I’ve definitely over-compensated for the lack of traditional summer activities with my abundant consumption of ice cream. Still, it’s a little depressing to think that the last time I swam was in a nondescript suburban hotel pool on a work trip earlier this year. I had bought the bathing suit that same day in the local Wal-Mart. It’s been in my drawer ever since I got home.

To avoid dwelling on how summer passed me by, I’ve been enjoying other things lately, on the internet and beyond. Read more