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Happy birthday, Jane Austen!

I got this cross-stitch kit when I was in England almost 20 years ago.  I finally began and finished it this year.  And it was a *huge* pain in the ass.  It’s full of mistakes, but I don’t even care!  It’s done and framed!  Jane!  Crafts!


Jane Crafts

I bought this cross-stitch kit of Jane Austen’s house in Chawton nearly 20 years ago and I finally (finally!) got around to working it earlier this year.  The fabric is 18-count and the stitches are 1-ply.  This is months of stitching, mostly weekend mornings.2016-09-18 10.28.54.jpg

Jane Austen in Stars Hollow

New Gilmore Girls episodes coming in November!  I’ve been pondering what I want to happen, romantically, with Rory, bookish and studious and therefore partly relatable.  (The rest of Rory’s existence–in particular eating 4,000 calories a day and gaining no weight–is completely foreign to me.)

When the series ended, Rory was unattached.  All of Rory’s three former boyfriends are apparently returning for the revival, but I’m about 80% sure I want *the one* to be Jess, the troubled bad boy who, with a paperback in pocket, scowls around Stars Hollow as if it’s not the most magical place on earth and is unpleasant and rude to almost everyone in his life, including Rory.

Jess is the Henry Crawford of Gilmore Girls.  Henry, as Jane Austen’s shameless bad boy, is one of the best parts of Mansfield ParkGilmore Girls can trace much of its DNA back to Jane Austen: the warmth and wit; the focus on social mores, personal relationships, and living within their constraints; the romance.  The rascals never succeed in Austen, though, which is both fitting and disappointing.  I’ve always kind of wanted Fanny and Henry of Mansfield Park to end up together.  So I’m rooting for Rory and Jess. Read more

Year of Revisiting #11 – You’ve Got Mail

“I bet you read that book every year. I bet you just love that Mr. Darcy, and your sentimental heart just beats wildly at the thought that he and … um, well … you know–whatever her name is–are truly, honestly going to end up together.”


AOL! Books! Meg Ryan!

I love this ‘90s update of The Shop Around the Corner (another lovely movie) for the dial-up AOL generation. Books and bookstores are major plot elements. Despite its bona fide rom-comness, there are sad undercurrents too: the encroachment of big business, for one, and Kathleen’s (Ryan) dead mother, for another. I tear up every single time as Kathleen closes the door on her store for the last time and remembers her mother twirling her around it. Read more