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Year of Revisiting #16 – Robin Hood

While he taxes us to pieces

And he robs of us our bread

King Richard’s crown keeps slippin’ down

Around that pointed head

Ah!  But while there is a merry man

In Robin’s wily pack

We’ll find a way to make him pay

And steal our money back


The last thing that I loved at some point in my life, hadn’t encountered in a while, and decided to “revisit” this year is the cartoon Robin Hood, which I hadn’t seen probably since childhood.  I must have watched it a hundred times as a kid, my grandfather always close by, sometimes singing along and laughing.  He and one of his close childhood friends had acted in a school play of the Robin Hood tale, so I think he has a special regard for the story.  And, of course, now so do I.  With the oddball mix of American Southern and British actors voicing the anthropomorphized animal characters, Robin Hood was just as fun and sweet and charming as I remember it being 20 years ago.


Year of Revisiting #14 – I Love Lucy

“Being his girl Friday’s not so bad.  It’s what you have to go through Saturday and Sunday.”

I finally finished watching the last 3 seasons of I Love Lucy when the show became The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.  The last time I consumed this much Lucy I was a teacher grading papers for about a million hours per week and needing something enjoyable and undemanding in the background.  For whatever reason my DVD player at the time wouldn’t play the Comedy Hour episodes properly, so I never got to the end.

I love this show.  As a kid, I wanted to live on the world of I Love Lucy.  I literally cried when I found out Lucy and Desi in real life ended up divorcing.  Their bond seems to have remained even after their divorce, though.  I remember seeing footage of Desi, much older, singing the theme song on some late night talk show.  I’ve searched for the video repeatedly and can’t find it, but I’m pretty sure this is the audio.

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Year of Revisiting #12 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

“Next time there’s a ball, pluck up the courage and ask me before somebody else does, and not as a last resort!”

After reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I wanted to revisit Goblet of Fire, the events of which figure prominently in Cursed Child.  The wrapping was still on the DVD so I had probably not seen it since the theater showing over 10 years ago.

Goblet starts at the Quidditch World Cup, which I suppose is the magical version of the soccer World Cup, which I never much cared about but reminded me a little of the Olympics, which were currently happening but which I wasn’t really watching either.   Read more

Year of Revisiting #11 – You’ve Got Mail

“I bet you read that book every year. I bet you just love that Mr. Darcy, and your sentimental heart just beats wildly at the thought that he and … um, well … you know–whatever her name is–are truly, honestly going to end up together.”


AOL! Books! Meg Ryan!

I love this ‘90s update of The Shop Around the Corner (another lovely movie) for the dial-up AOL generation. Books and bookstores are major plot elements. Despite its bona fide rom-comness, there are sad undercurrents too: the encroachment of big business, for one, and Kathleen’s (Ryan) dead mother, for another. I tear up every single time as Kathleen closes the door on her store for the last time and remembers her mother twirling her around it. Read more

Year of Revisiting #10 – Obvious Child

“Did you just warm this butter up for me?”

“That’s just what you do.”

After a break of not watching much of anything, I queued up Obvious Child the other night. I hadn’t seen it since the theater showing two years ago, when a friend and I went on a Wednesday, I think. (Going to the movies on a school night makes me feel transgressive and cool.) I remember her knitting throughout, which was pretty impressive considering the darkness, and the two of us laughing at the jokes, often ribald and crude. Read more