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Suitable Entertainments

A few weeks ago, my mother and I were standing by the marina in Oriental, North Carolina, when a car full of people pulled up to the curb.  Soon, another couple walked up and then another.  “Playing Pokémon?” they all asked.  The group gathered by the water catching Magikarp ranged in age from 25 to 65.  One couple left their kids in the car to amuse themselves while they joined all the other adults playing Pokémon Go.  I was stunned.  Chairs were grabbed from trunks.  Lures were set.  Snacks were offered, along with Pokémon-related commentary and advice.

I was a Nintendo girl growing up but too old for the Pokémon craze when it first swept through the culture.  I still don’t quite understand what they are or what their purpose is … or how a whole movie was made about them.

But I know how to catch them, how to hatch them, and what to do at a PokéStop.  The game is great.  Don’t listen to the haters. Read more

Motorcycles and Haircuts

“Your hair looks great, by the way, the way the pieces stick out.  Great look.”

That period after a new haircut is usually quite ego-boosting because other women are basically obligated to tell you how great you look.  Oddly, though, this particular compliment was coming from my very masculine neighbor, Motorcycle Mike, who was calling to me in the parking lot.

It was a pretty drastic cut–8 or so inches off, up to my chin, after years of wearing it long–but I was astonished that this person I occasionally chit-chat with even noticed.  Just about every woman I encountered for more than 10 seconds had told me I look wonderful, but only one other man outside of the salon had said anything.  Neither my father nor my grandfather had said one word about it in the multiple times they had seen me.  Once, my grandfather did ask while we were Facetiming, “What’s wrong with your hair?”
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My Year of Running

Dripping sweat, with detritus I’d kicked up from the road stuck to my legs and dead gnats smooshed into my forehead, I was often especially gross in the mid-Atlantic summer of 2015.

Running is disgusting. Cold weather is no better than hot: lots and lots of snot. Tissues quickly turned into sticky balls. I stopped bringing any and just used my clothes.

“WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? IS SOMEONE CHASING YOU?” a guy called to me from the steps of a memorial as I jogged past below. I think he was trying to be funny. Someone often is chasing me, but it’s just in my nightmares. I ignored him and kept going, kept collecting more dead gnats on my face.


On a whim late in the summer of 2014, I entered my first race, the Across the Bay 10K, a newly revamped run across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which is known as one of the scariest bridges in the world. I had driven across probably hundreds of times when I was younger — in the dark, rain, fog, snow, winds — one reason why the fear of driving across bridges that had been creeping into my psyche was so annoying.

But crossing on foot was no problem. I was excited for the race. I made distance maps around my neighborhood and carved out time. That fall, I felt myself getting stronger, my stamina increasing. Read more

All is confusion and disorder!

I’ve had my semi-regular identity crisis and have changed the blog’s name.  Third Drafts is meant to capture the in-progress nature of most of the site’s posts.  I’ve always used the blog to record interests and practice styles in pieces that have seen various degrees of crafting and editing.  Now, almost four years into blogging, I’m pleased to have generated a body of work that is more, though sometimes only by a degree or two, than amusing ideas in my head or scribbles in my notebook.  One day, I hope to draw some of these disparate sketches together into larger wholes — smoothed and polished and not drafted but done.  For now, though, the blog will continue being mostly works in various stages of completion.

I’ve made some cosmetic changes, too, because I wanted to shake things up a bit and simplify the look of the site.

Also, tinkering with all that stuff is a great way to avoid the contents of the rest of your life.

The blog is not the only thing going through some upheaval.  Normally, this is the time of year I’d want to be wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of hot liquid and a good book.  But it’s hard to enjoy the pursuit of comfort when everything around you seems wrong.

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Dispatches from the Winter Classic

The temperature was reported as 43.3 degrees at face-off, though I was prepared with HotHands and a surprisingly warm Winter Classic knit cap and mittens.

This game had much of the usual pomp that I appreciate at sporting events: flyover, fireworks, and flag-themed demonstrations. By now, everyone knows about the hand-wringing over the sun as well as the goal within the last 30 seconds that prompted fans to toss their seat cushions around the stadium.

Here are some points that weren’t covered by the media:

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