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Writing After Dark And Also Some Knives

Addendum to the Sugar Hill Post

To complain for a second: The Sugar Hill post is the first time I have attempted to embed voice or video files (of my own) or add footnotes.  The whole process could not have been more of a pain in the ass if it tried!


All is confusion and disorder!

I’ve had my semi-regular identity crisis and have changed the blog’s name.  Third Drafts is meant to capture the in-progress nature of most of the site’s posts.  I’ve always used the blog to record interests and practice styles in pieces that have seen various degrees of crafting and editing.  Now, almost four years into blogging, I’m pleased to have generated a body of work that is more, though sometimes only by a degree or two, than amusing ideas in my head or scribbles in my notebook.  One day, I hope to draw some of these disparate sketches together into larger wholes — smoothed and polished and not drafted but done.  For now, though, the blog will continue being mostly works in various stages of completion.

I’ve made some cosmetic changes, too, because I wanted to shake things up a bit and simplify the look of the site.

Also, tinkering with all that stuff is a great way to avoid the contents of the rest of your life.

The blog is not the only thing going through some upheaval.  Normally, this is the time of year I’d want to be wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of hot liquid and a good book.  But it’s hard to enjoy the pursuit of comfort when everything around you seems wrong.

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End of Summer Roundup

Ah, Summer of 2015, I hardly knew you. Here we are in September and I’ve somehow gone the whole season without one visit to the beach or pool. I’ve definitely over-compensated for the lack of traditional summer activities with my abundant consumption of ice cream. Still, it’s a little depressing to think that the last time I swam was in a nondescript suburban hotel pool on a work trip earlier this year. I had bought the bathing suit that same day in the local Wal-Mart. It’s been in my drawer ever since I got home.

To avoid dwelling on how summer passed me by, I’ve been enjoying other things lately, on the internet and beyond. Read more

Diagramming: Not That Kind of Girl

My latest finished read was Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned, which I really enjoyed.  (I even liked the subtitle after the colon and I usually hate those.)

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